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To disrupt the cycle of poverty by empowering

children and youth to realize their full potential.


By 2027 Glowing Hearts will enable 2500 children and youth, vulnerable to poverty in Simcoe County, to access resources and opportunities that support their growth, confidence, and self-determination. 

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We anticipate risk, limit its impact, and bounce back rapidly through adaptability, evolution, and change.


We value and embrace each other’s individuality and encourage and respect all forms of diversity.


We demonstrate the courage and curiosity to challenge the status quo in everything we do to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.


We act responsibly with integrity and transparency and continuously strive to meet our mission and vision.


We work with others to build a kinder, more compassionate community to enrich young people’s lives.

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How Glowing Hearts Began

After being diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer in 2013, Frank began a bucket list journey. This bucket list consisted of initiatives to help others in need. One item on this list was a concept that revolved around the idea "Give what you can, and get what you need". The registered charity called the Glowing Hearts Community Give & Get Centres was established. Previously the centre has given away approximately 12,000 items to over 1,500 people each month.

What started as a simple concept: “give what you can and take what you need” has evolved into what Glowing Hearts Charity is today... a thriving organization that supports children and youth in need across Simcoe County.

Today, as a grassroots, completely volunteer-run organization, the Board continues to ensure that Frank’s vision stays at the forefront by facilitating hope and help in our community with a focus on reducing the many financial burdens that low-income families face.

Image of Founder of Glowing Hearts, Frank Nelson


Frank Nelson

June 3, 1956-December 8, 2017




"I just really wanted to thank you again for going above and beyond for definitely made a huge difference...and I am eternally grateful."

"There's not enough gratitude that can compare to how we felt! We were in tears of joy with everything. It really helped us a lot and we cannot thank you enough! God bless you all and we will definitely pay it forward when we are able to!"

"You all are angels on earth, simply put. Your kindness, patience and amazing work is beyond amazing!!!"

"Thank you so very much to everyone who helped put this program together. You have touched the lives of so many families with this simple act of kindness. Many families struggle to make ends meet and affording these items for our kids can be tough. I truly believe that love is the only house big enough for all the pain and hardship in the world. And your acts of love and kindness has made all the difference!"

“Thank you so much for funding this amazing opportunity for families. Accessing social services has become extremely difficult over the past few years, with severely backed up wait lists, not to mention the huge financial barrier for many families. I am thanking you not just for my own family, but for every child and family who needs and deserves access to counselling and support. The need for access to these supports is greater than ever due to the mental health toll that covid has had on all of us, especially our children. Bless you for supporting families in your community.”

-2023 parent of a child who received counselling


All that from a simple donation and that’s just the child’s side. I would go on forever about how much it means to and helps us parents. Just the stress relief and seeing our child off to an amazing start and excited to start school. Especially after everything with COVID over the last couple years.


I can’t say thank you enough!!!"


"Glowing Hearts has made huge strides as it reinvents itself by reviewing its practices, policies, terms of references - and while going through this important governance work that is essential for a well-run charity, has also, more importantly, delivered on its mission. This fall, hundreds of children and youth received free backpacks stuffed with school supplies. Glowing Hearts ensured that a. the right children (ie those truly in need) received the resources and b. that the backpacks and school supplies were of a high quality so as to promote self-confidence and a sense of value. Our community is stronger thanks to the efforts of this organization's board of directors, volunteers, donors, and corporate sponsors."



Vice President of Philanthropy, Brand & Community Development

"A relevant and ambitious organization, Glowing Hearts has gone through a recent transformation. Past disruptions included a frequent changeover in board members, the closure of their Give and Get Centre, and then as with everyone, finding themselves deep in the pandemic, the new board faced tough decisions in determining how their charity would have the greatest impact for their target group. They took a hard look at the current situation for low-income families in the region and set about creating a new mission and vision that would avoid further redundancies and be sustainable into the future.

In developing their vision and plan to take them into at least the next five years, Glowing Hearts truly embraced change. Incredibly, they did this while continuing to respect and honour the legacy and vision of their founder, Frank Nelson. 


In determining their new vision, mission and value statements, Glowing Hearts asked the right questions of why do we need to do it, what should we do, and who will it truly serve? They created a plan that will allow them to continue to grow and develop campaigns to fulfill their mission, disrupt the cycle of poverty by empowering children and youth to realize their full potential.

Glowing Hearts massively exceeded their desired impact with their 2021 Backpack Campaign. Their vision is that by 2027 they will have enabled 2500 children and youth to access resources and opportunities. The goal for this specific resource campaign in 2021 was to give 150 backpacks to kids who needed them. They gave out 600 backpacks! This outstanding result from one campaign confirms to us that Glowing Hearts will become a force in the community helping children and youth for years to come."



Principals and Associate


Our success in helping the children and youth vulnerable to poverty has been made possible thanks to people just like you. With your generous contribution, no matter how great or small, we are able to truly make a difference. We are grateful for any help you can provide, and guarantee it will change lives for the better.





Metropolitan Toronto Shinglers in memory of Stanley Shewell

Ripple of Kindness


Barrie Colts Foundation


Pavlik Foundation

Rotary Club of Barrie


Anonymous (1)

Canada Protection Plan, a Foresters Financial Company

The Cutting Edge Salon & Spa

Jack Garner Foundation

James A. Burton & Family Foundation

KIS Technologies

Meridian Bayfield Branch

Midland Canadian Tire

Midland Lions Club

North Barrie Market Wing Night Guys

Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach

RTOERO District 17

Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation in honour of Steven Robertson

Tyler's Tree Services


Anonymous (2)

Assisting You Social

Divya Awasthi


iSO Design

Lakeview Psychology

Monica Goodfellow

Rob Newman

Penetanguishene Lions Club

Rotary Club of Orillia


Anonymous (17)

Advantage HR

Accounting Essentials Plus

Robin Baird

Bruce MacGillivray Instant Imprint

Bulldog Property Management Group

Stephanie Brady, Assisting You Social

Anna Candelino (in support of Vince & family from Maple Grove P.S. staff)

Janice Coutts

 Janice Stone Life Coach

Jenn Belbeck-Cragg

Crystal Benjafield

Su Cadogan

Mike Campbell

Samantha Cave

Lisa Creighton

​Domenic D'Addio Realty Inc.

Rick Earhart Western Financial Group

Ellie (in grade 2)

Exceptional Touch Cleaning

Sarah Fleming

Jeff & Marilyn Garner

Global Payments

Louise Gravelle & Lee Miller

Laurena Green

Green/Clarke family & friends

Danny Gregoric

Adam Grose

Jessica Hendriks

Jennifer Ives

Joe's No Frills

Robert Johnston

Joan Kennedy

MA Customized Mortgage Strategies

Mike Holmes Inspections - Simcoe County

Annelise Mota

Kai O'Brien

Stephanie Pellow

Lindsay Percy

Newman Accounting Professional Corporation

Nouvelle Alliance Religion Class Students: 

Megann Nkenglack, Mya Cartwright, Emma Jacques

Darryl Paul

Rob Newman Sr.

Simcoe IT Solutions

Brett Restemayer

Cheryle Russell

Mallory Steele

Tayler Insurance & Estate Planning

Trish Beesley Photography

Phil von Kaufmann



MiTek Canada, Inc.



Anonymous (1)


Bradford Lions Club

Canada Protection Plan, a Foresters Financial Company

Canplas Industries Ltd.

County Commons Co.

Sarah Fleming

Jack Garner Foundation

James A. Burton and Family Foundation


Midland Lions Club

North Barrie Market Wing Night Guys

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association-Secondary

Ontario Provincial Police Association

Pavlik Foundation

Rotary Club of Barrie-Huronia

Rotary Club of Midland

Rotary Club of Penetanguishene

Simcoe County Elementary Teachers Federation



Anonymous (8)

John S. Bell

Judy Cathcart

Charon Clute Insurance Agency Inc.

Mary & Dave Crann (in memory of Martin Carl)


Hampton Inn & Suites

MA Customized Mortgage Strategies

Newman Accounting Professional Corporation

Rob Newman

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association-Elementary

Penetanguishene Lions Club

Rotary Club of Orillia

Royal Lepage First Contact Realty

Susan Scott

Joanna Shaw

Simcoe IT Solutions

Andrea Stapley

Tayler Insurance & Estate Planning Inc.

Trish Beesley Photography

Satraj Toor


Anonymous (60)

Pauline Abela (in memory of my mom, Gay Abela)

Accounting Essentials Plus

Advantage HR

Kathy Alexander

Karen Arney

Judith Aubin

Barrie Instant Imprints

BNI Spirit Catchers

Dana Baggs White

Sarah Bakker Homes

Lauren Ballentyne

Deanne Beck

Tracey Bednarczyk

Stephanie Brady

Catherine Brand

Lianne Brassard

Marilyn Brock (in memory of Jean Dunn)

Maria Burns (in memory of Nick & Livia Iannone)

Jackie Byles

Sue Cadogan

Campus Priority

Liz Carlin

Brittney Cathcart

Shirley Chapman

Rosemary Clarke

Michael Clance

Helene Compeau

Tom Coon & Jeanette Heywood

Jade Coulson

Sheila Croney

Mae Dasilva

Bonnie Dermott

Patrick Duchesneau

Rick Earhart

Educators of Kindergarten Rm 114

Karen Ellement

Cathy Eisener

Cheryl Engelsman

Farm Boy Barrie

Meg Gallagher (in memory of Jean Dunn

from the McMaster family)

Jeff Garner

Mark & Kathleen Gardiner

Gilmore & Gilmore Professional Corporation

Julia Goebel

Jenna Goorts

Louise Gravelle & Lee Miller

Green/Clarke family & friends

Adam Grose

Raj Grover

Carolyn Hadcock

Jana Haines

Tena Hargreaves

Anita Hayes

Megan Hendry

Kelly Higgins

Ruth Houghton

Debbie Hudson

Beverly Hughes

Jennifer Ives

Sarah Jansen

Ellie Jenkins Ross

Sylvie Labrosse

Lisa Logan (in honour of Carol Mudde)


Alexa Lowe

Vanessa McCreight

Michelle McDonald

Sarah McDonald

Christy McGee

Gayle McKay

Ciara McMillen (in memory of John Butt)

Merk Engineering Inc.

Nele Meuleman

Stephen Michael & Sarge

Brittni Middleton

Jeannie Mills

Sheri Montgomery

Natasha Mooney

Sarah Murray

Lisa Nicol

Nicole Dalcourt Professional Real Estate Corporation

Isaac Osiel

Namita Parmar

Kelly Patterson McGrath

Stephanie Pellow

Pet Grocer

Carolyn Pitman

Brandon Placido

Pop's Cannabis Co. Big Bay Point

Joanne Potts

Kimberley Power

Betty Priddle

Megan Purton

Kim Redmond

Andrea Reid

Laura Reid

Jessica Robertson

Caitlyn Robinson

Dana Robinson

Samantha Seaman

Lindsay Shearer

Linda Sherman

Amy Simpson

Janice Skot

Liza Soliman

Suzy Stenoff

Peter Sullivan

Tara Vienneau Mortgage Broker

Andrew Telford

The Thompson/Nelson Family

Tomini Family

Trusted Realty Inspections

Christine Verissimo Martin

Sarah West

Paula Wilimek

Jenn Williams

Steph Wolfe

France Young

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