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I try to take every opportunity that comes my way. This had led me down many paths and given me so many incredible experiences. A jack of all trades and master of nothing is my claim to fame. My education and work experience has provided me with the great privilege of working with and supporting children and youth in so many different capacities over the last 15 years. I have spent time working in the fields of paediatric nursing, education, children’s mental health, shelters, and most recently in children’s service coordination. 

I was introduced to Glowing Hearts Charity through my work in supporting children and youth with complex needs. I immediately felt a strong connection to the work the charity was doing for our community and knew I had to be apart of it. My 8 year old son had been asking me for quite some time to help find him somewhere he could volunteer. Together we applied to volunteer with Glowing Hearts and let me tell you, they took him in with open arms and made him feel like he was really making a difference. It was such a great feeling for me, as a mom, to work together to support our community side by side. When the opportunity came up for me to become more actively involved with the charity, there was no hesitation, I knew this is where I belonged. I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization. 

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