Good Food Boxes are packed with fresh, high-quality, seasonal fruits and vegetables. With the box menu changing monthly, each Good Food Box presents a convenient and affordable way to eat good healthy food.


Glowing Hearts Charity provides this fresh Food That Fuels to low-income households with children/youth through the four Simcoe County Good Food Box programs when school isn't in session (July, August, and December) and access to food is a further challenge. As we build our capacity, we have a goal to support year-round. Sign-up for this free program using the form on this page.

Depending on the location, these food boxes cost $16 or $20 but are filled with produce worth about $25 retail. Donate today to help support children and youth in need with fresh food!

a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables

In the summer of 2022, Glowing Hearts Charity purchased 108 Good Food Boxes supporting 539 members of households.