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Glowing Hearts Charity recognizes the value, benefit, and impact of music education and music opportunities and believes that all children/youth, regardless of the financial situation of their household, should be able to experience the benefits and rewards of being included in these types of programs. Children who participate in music lessons show growth in many aspects of their lives.

The goal of our music offerings is for growth and development, but also to use music as a vessel to build community, connection, self-esteem, mental health and wellness in a barrier-free environment.

Our programs will always be free of cost and musical instruments available for loan free, for those with financial need, such as with our beginner ukulele programs and beginner guitar program that ran in 2022/2023 and the Simcoe Youth Choir that launched on January 23rd

More music programs are in the works for later fall, so stay tuned! 


Subscribe to our blog (at the bottom of our website) to find out about free opportunities and resources, as well as program announcements and updates.


Stay tuned for beginner ukulele in Barrie and other opportunities coming later this fall!

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