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We are thrilled to partner with the Reflection Centre to provide in-person and online counselling.

Children/youth and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be able to access four pro bono counselling sessions, then Glowing Hearts Charity covers the cost of further counselling if more is needed and once any extended health care benefits or other options have been exhausted. Register using the appropriate white button on this page.

For those who are 13-24 and wishing to access online counselling with a consistent counsellor, we recommend signing up for WES Online by clicking on the yellow button.

Subscribe to our blog (at the bottom of our website) to find out about free opportunities and resources, as well as program announcements and updates.

Child Therapy
Psychotherapy Session

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) may sign up their own child(ren) or a youth 12 years of age and older may sign themselves up.

The Reflection Centre has been operating in Simcoe County since 2004, and is designed to meet a wide range of needs through therapy, mediation, coaching, ongoing groups, workshops and professional development.

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