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Clutter/Mental Health Pilot Program
Focus Group 


Glowing Hearts Charity is in the process of developing a pilot program to address clutter in homes and its connection to mental health. We have ideas about what this program may look like, but are creating focus groups to get input in a relaxed, open-ended environment.


What Will This Look Like?

  1. Focus group sessions with 6-10 participants will take place on Zoom. You may choose to stop participating at any time.

  2. Each focus group should take about 1 hour.

  3. A note-taker will be present with the focus group. Sessions will be recorded to ensure accurate capturing of responses. GHC will keep your responses confidential, and no names will be included in any reporting.

  4. A moderator will ask the group open-ended questions while facilitating the discussion. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Our goal is to hear the many varying viewpoints and for people to contribute their thoughts.

  5. Prior to the focus group beginning we will review the following norms for the meeting:

    • Participants will need to keep their videos on unless needing to excuse themselves for a moment. This helps build a more trusting, safe environment to share in.

    • Use the hand emoji to indicate that you would like to speak next. When called upon please unmute yourself.

    • Please keep yourself muted when not speaking.


Benefits and Risks 

Your voluntary participation in this focus group allows your insights, ideas, and voice to be heard to help develop a quality program that will impact many lives, potentially your own. While no risks are anticipated beyond those experienced during an average conversation, due to the nature of focus groups, we are not able to guarantee confidentiality. Whether or not contributions remain confidential depends on the willingness of other participants in the focus group to respect that confidentiality. 



Should you choose to participate, you will be asked to respect the privacy of other focus group members by not disclosing any content discussed during the meeting. Glowing Hearts Charity will analyze the information, but—as stated above—your responses will remain confidential, and no names will be included in any reporting.

Participants will be chosen to ensure that we include representation from the wide demographic we serve. If you are invited to participate, someone will be in touch with a consent and agreement form for you to sign prior to the focus group.


Each person who participates in a focus group will have their name entered into a draw for a gift basket, or one of two $25 gift cards!

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