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18 children have been approved so far to have assessments in 2023! Twelve of these have had their assessments completed (we are waiting on the results for two of these). Seven students have started tutoring, and we are sorting out tutoring/follow-up supports for the others.
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A psychoeducational assessment is a comprehensive assessment focused on the factors that affect a child’s functioning. The assessment identifies a child’s strengths and needs related to intellectual and academic functioning, as well as emotional and behavioural needs that may be contributing to their challenges.

Learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, and depression impact a student’s performance, behaviour, mental health and wellbeing. When undiagnosed, the ripple effects include an increased risk for unemployment, addiction, substance abuse, mental health disorders, and a life in poverty. Glowing Hearts wants to prevent this. 

The earlier a child receives a psychoeducational assessment, the earlier insights and findings can be used to support a child’s learning, to help ensure that they develop to their full potential and before unaddressed needs lead to bigger challenges, gaps in learning, as well as mental health and behavioural concerns. Early identification and intervention is vital to creating lasting change that will impact a child for life.

With a formal diagnosis, a child can get the help needed to reduce barriers to learning and improve their learning potential in school and beyond.

Glowing Hearts Charity is committed to support grade 2-5, and 5 children in low-income households in Simcoe County get the psychoeducational assessments they need, and will also ensure that needs identified through the assessment are addressed through counselling and evidence-based tutoring.

The number of assessments we are able to support each year will vary and will be dependent on funding. At this time we do not have a set income cut-off as factors such as the number of dependents and number of adults in the home will impact household needs. The Psychoeducational Assessment Review Committee will be prioritizing students based on income and educational need/potential impact.

For those with children and youth who are First Nations, please investigate Jordan's Principle to access coverage for services like psychoeducational assessments and tutoring.

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