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Donate Items

Did you know that at least 9,475 children in Simcoe County are living in low-income households?

In 2023 GHC provided 2054 children and youth with school supplies, backpacks, lunch kits, and water bottles to start the year off on the right track.

Your financial support allows us to purchase backpacks and school supplies for students in need, and donations of items helps us provide variety in the backpacks we fill. Community support is vital to making this program a success year after year.

We find out favourite and least favourite colours to help match backpacks to our participants, and provide most needed items to allow children to start school off on the right track!

Children with backpacks smiling and looking up

Are you looking to donate supplies without leaving home? Click on the donate supplies online button to see our most needed items and donate in-kind online! All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.

a child and two adults picking out school supplies in a store


(click image for PDF)

Image of 2024 Supply List for our Backpacks for Youth program.
Backpack Nominations


Eligible students are:

  • In JK - grade 12+ in Simcoe County 

  • Attending full-time in-person instruction at a publicly funded elementary or secondary school

  • Living in a low-income household or who are vulnerable to poverty​​

Parent/Guardian Sign-Up Form

  • Parent/guardian completes​ and we will arrange for pick-up/delivery

  • Registration open from April 1st to August 9th, 2024

Community Worker Sign-Up Form

  • only for a worker with a community organization wishing to sign up students where the worker will do the delivering​

  • Registration is open all year, but it will be paused between August 10th and September 7th

If someone wants to sign-up and needs assistance or does not have access to the internet, please call: 249-888-6695.​

Students at School

Please scroll up to see list of full backpack contents by grade.

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