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Want to create your own campaign?

Fundraising Ideas

  1. Make it easy for your customers, clients, staff, etc. to make a financial contribution and get a tax receipt, all while contributing to your fundraising campaign. Ask Sarah to add your business as a peer campaign to our website. We’ll make a form for your business and a website link that goes directly to your campaign that can be shared on socials and added to posters that will bring people directly to your page. 

  2. Donation Jar at Checkout

  3. Join our Backpacks for Youth Supply Drive

  4. Create a Hygiene Product Drive

  5. Round Up to the Next Dollar at Checkout

  6. Add a Donation to Purchase (i.e.: then sign name on cut out of paper pencil to put on wall)

  7. Donation Matching (i.e.: for each item donated, your business will donate one item)

  8. Customer/employee’s Name in a Draw for every donation made of a certain amount to win something (i.e. 1-1 time with the boss, a prize, etc.)

  9. Staff Buyout (to join events like bowling during the work day)

  10. Silent Auction

  11. Scavenger Hunt

  12. Dress Down Days

  13. Ice Cream Social

  14. Lemonade Stand

  15. Photo Contest

  16. Car Wash

  17. Bake Sale

  18. Bottle & Can Drive

  19. Candygrams

  20. Singing Telegrams

  21. Garage Sale

  22. Craft Day

  23. Put your creativity and skills to work...greeting cards, jewellery, etc. and sell with proceeds to GHC

  24. Host an event with proceeds to GHC

  25. Fundraising thermometer with fun things the boss/staff/team/school will do as each level is achieved

many raised hands with rainbow-colours overlayed.
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