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Following a 20-year career in media relations which took me to major cities across North America, I opted to leave the frequent travel and daily commute from Barrie to Toronto behind, in search of a new career closer to home.


I set out to learn bookkeeping in 2007 initially to maintain the books for my husband’s business and later my own horse-boarding business. This path led me to open my own bookkeeping service for a variety of clients and I began to specialize in Estate accounting in 2011.  I continue to upgrade my skills through a variety of accounting courses and Estates/Trusts certifications.  


Through my volunteer work with Glowing Hearts Charity, I’m grateful for the opportunity to reciprocate some of the community assistance I received when I was a young, single, mother attending college.  Now, I make an effort to balance my work life by spending time at home or camping with my husband, children, grandchildren, and pets.  

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