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Meet your philanthropic and community outreach goals by helping us provide filled backpacks to youth attending JK to Grade 12+, whose families are facing financial hardship. Help us provide children and youth with some of the resources they need to learn and grow, so they can help build a better tomorrow.



In 2016, Frank Nelson’s dream of providing necessities free of charge to low income families came true and Glowing Hearts Charity was born. What started as a simple concept: “give what you can and take what you need” has evolved over the years — so even though the donation centre has since closed, a great future lies ahead for the charity.

Today, as a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization; the Board wants to ensure that Frank’s vision stays at the forefront by facilitating hope and help in our community. With a focus on reducing the many financial burdens that low-income families face, we are looking forward to continuing — and expanding — the Glowing Hearts Backpack Program by helping provide educational supplies for the children and youth in Simcoe County.


Please join Glowing Hearts Charity in being champions of learning for the children and youth of Simcoe County.

500 backpacks will be filled with essential school supplies and given to children and youth from low-income households.

Distribution of the backpacks are split into five academic divisions: Kindergarten (JK & SK), Primary (Grades 1-3), Junior (Grades 4-6), Intermediate (Grades 7-8), Secondary (Grades 9-12).

The average cost for a complete backpack ranges from $60.00 - $140.00 (dependant on academic division).


Choose a degree of sponsorship package:
• Financial sponsorship
• Adopt an academic level
• Adopt a grade(s)
• Adopt a student(s)
• Donate school supplies

To ensure your sponsorship meets your philanthropic and financial needs, a sponsorship opportunity can be personalized - let’s talk. We promise that your investment will be used to champion those who need it the most.


  • 108,305 children and youth aged 0 to 19 years lived in Simcoe County. • 16% of children in Simcoe County under the age of 5 were in low-income households.

  • The percent of children under the age of 5 living in low-income households rose sharply from 12.1% in 2005 to 16% in 2015.

  • 9,575 children and youth aged 6 to 17 years were in low-incomE households.

  • In the City of Barrie, 1,710 children under 5 years of age were living in a low-income household (2.2% higher than the county average).

  • In the City of Barrie, 3,335 children aged 6 to 17 years, were in low-income households (0.9% higher than county average).

  • Among the 78,945 children aged 0 to 14 years, 20.4% were living with a single parent, and 12% were part of a stepfamily.

  • Low-income household rate for children and youth was 13.7%, compared to 11.4% for the total population.

  • Lone-parent family or stepfamilies increased to 34.6% among children aged 5 to 9 years.

  • Lone-parent family or stepfamilies increased 39% among children 10 to 14 years.

  • While children made up a smaller proportion of the low-income population, the incidence of living in a low-income household remained higher for children than the all-ages population in 2015.

Source: 2018 Child, Youth and Family Profile– Simcoe County