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Be a champion of learning for the children and youth of Simcoe County. Meet your philanthropic and community outreach goals by sponsoring Glowing Hearts Charity. 

To ensure your sponsorship meets your philanthropic and financial needs, a sponsorship opportunity can be personalized - let’s talk. We promise that your investment will be used to champion those who need it the most.

Email to inquire about our sponsorship opportunities. 



In 2016, Frank Nelson’s dream of providing necessities free of charge to low income families came true and Glowing Hearts Charity was born. What started as a simple concept: “give what you can and take what you need” has evolved over the years — so even though the donation centre has since closed, a great future lies ahead for the charity.

Today, as a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization; the Board wants to ensure that Frank’s vision stays at the forefront by facilitating hope and help in our community. With a focus on reducing the many financial burdens that low-income families face.

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