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Cuts for kids

Fundraiser by Nick Burns

$1501 raised to date! Thank you, Nick!

I'm a high school teacher who's teamed up with Glowing Hearts Charity because I want to invest in youth and my community.

Glowing Hearts Charity is working to disrupt the cycle of poverty by empowering children and youth to realize their full potential. They invest in the lives of children and youth vulnerable to poverty by working to provide and facilitate access to food, necessities, educational supplies, education-based opportunities and programs, counselling, and skills training. 

Donations to CUTS FOR KIDS will be going toward initiatives that specifically focus on mental health.

I have been growing my hair and beard for the past two years...and now it's time to make the cut! 

My goal is to raise $2022.00 for this amazing charity!


Help me support our underprivileged/at-risk youth. 

From the bottom of my heart,


Nick Burns and his partner smiling.
Nick Burns carrying his daughter who is gently pulling on a lock of her dad's long, curly hair.