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The Youth Empowerment Project offers innovative, interactive programs that take youth out of the classroom and into the real world! They will learn from fascinating experts and develop skills that will help them stand out today and in the future. 

Foundations for the Future explores the B.O.S.S. World of Entrepreneurship in this introductory program, all about gaining confidence, clarity and momentum for your exciting future!


With the support of community sponsors, The Youth Empowerment Project is providing GHC students in grade 7+ to a VIRTUAL empowerment program (normally $444).

Students will receive 8 weeks of live, group coaching calls in addition to access to over 170 pages of fun and propelling workbook content, and over 20 pre-recorded video lessons on topics ranging from mindset and yoga practices to developing a Business Model Canvas and their very own website. A solid Foundational program for the next generation of thought-leaders and change-makers.

Sign-up today for the opportunity to join the next cohort of the virtual program designed to inspire and equip young people to tap into their limitless power and potential through the exploration of entrepreneurship!

Learn more at

The next program starts on January 25th with live online sessions taking place on Wednesdays

12-14 year olds from 4-5pm

15-18 year olds from 5:15-6:15pm

Sign up for this incredible program today!

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What Will You Learn?

Uniquely designed to inspire, empower, and equip you for the next step, you will dive into the world of entrepreneurship and business as a lens for exploring new options and expanding what you see as possible. 


You’ll learn a lot, including:

✓ Powerful mindset and goal setting

✓ Problem-solving and creative thinking

✓ Global Citizenship

✓ Career planning through self exploration and celebration

✓ Self-esteem and resiliency

✓ Yoga and mindfulness

✓ Creative thinking and problem-solving

✓ Responsibility, self- regulation and accountability

✓ Internet and social media tools and safety

✓ Website development and self-promotion

✓ Public speaking and effective communication

…  so much more. This really is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Maybe You've Felt Like This...

  • I don't really know how to answer "What do you want to do after high school?"...

  • I have dreams of an awesome future...but don't think it's realistic for me

  • I am tired of other people telling me what I should do with my life

  • I like trying new things....but sometimes I feel nervous to show up at first

  • I think owning by own business could be cool...but I don't even know how to start thinking about that

  • I want to do something different this summer....but have no idea what

Identify with any of these statements? 

Then "Foundations for the Future" was created for you!

Sign up today!

What Are We Doing in Foundations for the Future?

  • Tapping into our wildest dreams and biggest goals with vision boards

  • Learning how to think like the most successful entrepreneurs with mindset activation

  • Learning how to think more about who you want to be and less about what you want to be (because you can have any number of job titles over your lifetime!)

  • Diving into entrepreneurship principles and foundations

  • Learning to look at our communities through a different lens (the lens of a business owner)

  • Participating in virtual sessions to learn more about our selves and the world around us

  • Completing creative activities to implement what we learn

  • Responding to guided journal and conversation prompts to help us set goals and learn about our unique strengths

  • Learning from REAL, SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs every single week through both pre-recorded and live group mentoring

  • Mapping out your very own business/ special project idea

  • Taking a quick dive into the world of naming, designing, marketing, and pitching a new business!

  • Having a blast growing and trying something new!

  • Earning a certificate of completion with an optional opportunity to earn volunteer hours once the program ends!

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