I am a communicator, community-gatherer, safe-space-provider, and fierce defender and uplifter of the underdog.  Career-wise, I am a musician, writer, and performer with a passion for giving voice to the voiceless, empowering the powerless, and telling the difficult stories.  Much of my advocacy work has been for and with women and children, especially trauma survivors.

Alongside my creative career, I have run my own music publicity and promotions company since 1997, created The Katie Project (using music to promote awareness of and healing from childhood sexual abuse), and worked and volunteered across the creative, entertainment, education, financial, political, health care, mental health and social service sectors.


True to the “starving artist” stereotype (as well as other internal and external factors), I have lived experience of living in poverty and at risk of homelessness.  I am forever grateful for the people and organizations who helped keep me afloat through the worst times, and now that I am in a position to do so, am intent on “paying it forward” wherever I can.


I am honoured and excited to be on the Board of Glowing Hearts Charity.